Compost for all corp.

Equal acesess to affordable compost bins and compost education within Ornage County FL

make the world a better place with the simple action of composting

Soil helps regulate Earth's climate & stores more carbon than all of the world's forests combined!

decrease soil loss

eliminate climate change

improve water quality

At Compost for all corp. we work towards keeping the Earth alive and thriving. Soil is the key to the environment. Without it, humans, plants, and animals would not be able to survive. So, our nonprofit aims at regenerating one of earth's most precious and yet most threatened resources Through composting. During composting, new soil is created and can be used in gardens, pots, or simply in the lawn while also working to eliminate climate change, decrease soil loss, and improve water quality. In summary our nonprofit:

  • Provides free composters to low-income areas in orange county

  • Educates community members on the power and process of composting

  • Sells affordable composters to people within florida